2 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. Fabulous Event + Meticulous Planning + Overwhelming Response +Mesmerising Route +Dedicated Volunteers + Cherished cycling memory = Xaxti 100

  2. It was a superbly organised event in all respects.
    Starting the registration it was kept simple.
    All busy traffic crossings were properly manned and that ensured rider saftey and continuous riding. The water stations were well manned. The breakfast was well organised. I hv to mention the photographers were well placed. Many many photos were taken at the starting point as well as during the ride
    Last but not least I loved young kids volunteering with so much enthusiasm. I thanked every water point I crossed as they worked hard to serve us without wasting time. Eg in my 5 hrs of ride I managed it with just 10 mts stoppage time for breakfast and water points. Red Bull at the last point as innovative move😎.
    Thank you again all. Sameer you worked hard and if anyone observed you it looked like you were possessed by the Cycle Ghost. But kudos to you and your entire team. Thank you sir. It was a wonderful day.

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