The year gone by - 2020

The Year 2020 had a nice ring to it ! Little did we know that it would actually toll at decibels so high so as to deafen. As nations all over the globe went into lockdowns and life as we knew it came to a standstill, a new way of life emerged where, wellness of body and mind took the top spot        As we approach the last day of 2020 , here are  a few glimpses of the many cycling adventures we have shared and which has strengthened us in many more ways than just our immune system.

47th Annual Guirdolim Cycle Race

As the world woke bleary eyed to 01.01.2020, the action was on and fast paced at the 47th Annual Guirdolim Cycle Race held annually every year on 1st January! A super performance put up by our Xaxti Riders Team!  Clavin Carvalho , Sanat Keni  and Pradip Kolhapte  kept the XR flag flying high with their impressive performances!


A regular morning ride on the Dramapur route and a young girl immaculately uniformed  scrambling to get to school on her dilapidated cycle inspired! And thus was born ‘Xaxti ReCYCLE’! “ Recycle with Xaxti ReCYCLE” The call went out and the response has been tremendous. Thank you all who recycle and donate to empower the needy youngsters of our society in their daily commute and in pursuit of excellence in cycling.

Cycling and Birding

The Best of Both!!! Cycling and Birding matched in tandem as we had a memorable ride followed by  breakfast ! Organised by Ajay Dongre of Slopes& Bends on 12th January it was the opening of a different  world to many of us and we do find our feathered friends slightly more familiar now!

71st Republic Day Ride

71 Kms to commemorate India’s 71st Republic Day on 26 January ! A scenic ride plotted by Johnnybab  for 35 Xaxti Riders which was flagged off from Rabindra Bhavan and back! Bonding over a piping hot  catered breakfast in the  Rabindra Bhavan cafeteria provided the perfect finale!

Xaxti Full Moon Ride

The Xaxti Full Moon ride!! A  fully supported ride which started at Johnny’s farmhouse in Caurem right up to Ambeghat Forest gate via Budbudyachi  Tali at Netravali and back to the farm for a sumptuous dinner. Johnny bab ‘s hospitality knows no bounds and extended to an overnight stay to those who preferred to leaving in daylight next morning. Thank you Johnny!

Regional Series - All Goa Time Trial

The Regional Series of the All Goa Time Trials organised by Cycling Goa along with its affiliated clubs kicked off on 16th February!  Chandreshwar Hill Climb was the event and venue for South Goa trials. This event went a long way in removing the mental block for many . Regular practices by the regular climbers tempted rather motivated others of which I am one to try it and over time most of us have developed a tolerance bordering on obsession for this climb and a fair amount of stamina as well!

Like every cloud has a silver lining, the Coronavirus of 2020 too brought forth a realisation, only a fit body and mind could prove effective in holding this virus at bay or at the very least giving it a fight. Cycling which has always been the go to fitness mode now was also the best viable option. As lockdowns started easing up cyclists started venturing out! A new item added to cycling gear ....the MASK!!

Immunity Booster and Stress Buster rides

The Xaxti Riders daily ride route would be posted with the option of joining and exiting at any point. Momentum gathered and daily rides got a name....Immunity Booster and Stress Buster rides !! Fitness thrived with climbs and distances pedalled while sanity emerged with a strength that can only come from the camaraderie shared.  The family became bigger as many others from joined in seeing us in our colourful  Xaxti jersey cycling through villages of Salcete and beyond. Among so many from Margao, a  welcome shout also goes to Cuncolikars  Malcolm, Vishal , Sherwin and Blyton!

World Environment Day Ride

In retrospective, the short ride to Sarzora Lake on 05 June - World Environment Day seems to have kick started organised rides post lockdown and there was no looking back...

Sunday funday Ride

A ride to a  beautiful farm in Soliem, invited by ‘Angelobab ‘Bebe’ Costa Baretto  made for a super Sunday funday ride .

Cabo da Rama Fort Ride

The all time favourite...a ride to the heritage site that is  Cabo da Rama Fort. The ongoing monsoon season added its special charm as always!

The Morpirla Monsoon Magic Ride

Covid year and sudden announcements of areas contained ....again a silver streak with new unknown routes charted and more challenges! Rides through the rolling terrains of Morpirlla, Rivona, Vichundrem, Kurpem and Caurem! Century rides seemed to be a new normal!!!  The Morpirla Monsoon Magic Ride and then of course a One & Half Century ride for those who dare!!

Day Ride to Verna

The Xaxti Riders Independence Day Ride to Verna ... a special way to commemorate by handing over bikes to budding talents in and around Salcete under the Xaxti Talent Search Programme.  Riders  responded to the call for crowd funding with all the enthusiasm and Rs 78000/- was collected to provide a Polygon SISKIU D7 MTB for our young  XR Pradhyum. An  even more overwhelming gesture by our well wishers who gifted 2 brand new Polygon Strattos (S2) roadies and 1 sparingly used Merida 100 Roadie for the use of Xaxti Rider’s upcoming cyclists.

Ride to Twin Waterfalls

And the Xaxti waterfall rides! Ride to the Twin waterfall at Borim and  Kevona waterfall thanks to a revived monsoon!

Bhaji Rides

Bhaji rides are favourite with the entire cycling community, but we at Xaxti are a little partial to a triangular potato filled crisp and punchy snack....SAMOSA...which first said hello to us from a small table put up by Nazar of Betalbatim during our first forays out post lockdown and we either hope to bump into other such ventures or create our own! Our youngest grandmom and probably the most elegant on saddle XR Celsa invited us for a samosa breakfast in Sernabatim!

Anniversay Rides

Three vibrant years of miles of cycling completed on and a growing Xaxti family, Anniversary Ride on 02 October to Johnnybab’s farm in Caurem! Xaxti Riders were partnered by EEMA represented by Crosscraft under their initiative We Care!

Tambdi Surla Ride

The annual ride to Tambdi Surla temple with a breakfast stop over at Nature’s Nest was a typical Sunday Funday ride with enthusiastic participation of 57 riders!

World Polio Day Ride

Xaxti Riders were privileged to be a part of the World Polio Day Ride organised by Rotary Club of Margao Sunrise with a leisurely ride to Colva beach and back!

Go Girls Goa 100

The launch of our 3rd signature event, ‘ Go Girls Go 100’ a century ride only for women where the men would only support! 28 women registered, participated and completed this 100km ride. A first for many women, the confidence made them and us soarhigh! Oliver and Czarina Coutinho gave this unique ride a special flavour by offering their heritage home as a start and finish point!

Xaxti 200

The XAXTI 200 has always been showcased as a Challenge and it takes a lot to be there at the Start Line!  88 riders including 2 women riders Belinda & Mohua and  2 Pune riders took up this challenge and completed the gruelling 200 km ride strongly and safely!

Ralph Colaco - Prince does us proud

Amidst our signature events, our Xaxti Rider ‘Prince’ Ralph Colaco quietly put his own signature on the Hell500 ( Creators & Custodians of the Everesting Concept)  Hall of Fame. 18 continuous repeats of the Chandreshwar Hill Climb!!!!

Goa Time Trial

The organisers of the Goa Time Trials which were rudely interrupted by the Covid crisis brought the event to its closure with Race I at Bambolim plateau and Race II at Chandreshwar Hill! Impressive performances by our Team Xaxti with no  competitive experience , cycles or equipment yet standing tall with sheer grit and perseverance! Knerav , Parshuram, Pradip, Clavin, Hari, Vrushabh, Chetan K and our strongman Gabriel kept our spirits on a high!!!

PCC 100

19 December Goa Liberation Day! 33 Xaxti Riders had the pleasure of participating in the 1st edition of the PCC Centurion, organised by our friends across the Zuari, the Panjim Cycling Club! We also joined in their “Spin with Santa” X’mas ride a few days later!

Jingle All The Way

Jingle All The Way’ , the XR annual Christmas ride with 75 riders in red T shirts with cycles dressed up tinsel and lights spread cheer through the magical lanes of Curtorim and Macazana on 26th December! Goan delicacy ‘Soji’ supplied by Chaltonbab and the Xaxti favourite, Samosas provided by Johnnybab filled hearts and tummies of all the XR revellers! An evening to cherish!

Last Ride of the year 31 Dec 2020

31 December 2020, the last day of a year that has seen all of us on saddle as never before! In the turbulent year gone by, the one constant has been our Immunity Booster Stress Buster rides which have kept us fit and sane! Grande XR Chandreshwar Finale , a perfect name coined by XR Pradip da Costa for the last ride of 2020, a ride to bid adieu to 2020 with 60 XR s celebrating bonhomie atop Chandreshwar Hill!!

2020.......The year was special and amazing at Xaxti Riders with challenges conquered, PR’s made, where a tentative foot on the pedal was converted into a passion, where new friends were made, where every Xaxti Rider had another having his back, of riders hosting other riders,  of treats shared and achievements celebrated!         We look forward to a brilliant 2021 and our first upcoming major event, the ever popular XAXTI 100 on 07 February!!      VIVA  XAXTI    VIVA  CYCLING