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The 21st day of March 2021 and Xaxti Riders has been extremely proud to have launched  its racing team XAXTI RACING with the formal launch of its very eye catching cycling kit in an intimate function on the lawns of Johnny Bab’s farm at Caurem!

The colour of passion RED combined with the most luminous colour in the spectrum YELLOW says it like nothing else does!! A dash of Xaxti BLUE with GOA emblazoned on it adds the punch!!

A loud cheer rose as one of Goa ‘s earliest Racing cyclists John D’Costa and super fast cyclist + Ironman Vinayak Gaonkar unveiled the resplendent red and yellow Xaxti Racing Kit. Savia Viegas our emcee for the day held forth as graciously as only she could right from the onset of the short yet complete function. 

Clad in team colours each young team player walked out proudly to an introduction by Savia in the presence of their club mates who could not stop cheering for this young energetic team!! 

A loud and well deserved cheer for Mentors Alwyn and Johnny, Coach Placid and Tech Director Sarva said it all!

A hot and hearty Xaxti Breakfast by none other than Xaxti Riders’s  catering partner Ajay Kurdikar made the occasion complete and all present did full justice to the repast of sukhi bhaji, moong tonak, crispy mirchis and the melt in the mouth gooey sheera!

Passion drives dreams but it takes more to convert it to reality!

A huge thank you to our sponsors who made it easier for us to realise our dream. Daily Crayon , the XR apparel partner sponsored all the racing kits for XAXTI RACING. Thank you Varun Kansara!

Champs Goa who is our sponsor for 2020-21 at our signature events and general retail and servicing through out the year. Thank you Anil Pereira!

Thank you Young Indians for outfitting our young Vrushabh with a geared bike.

Last but never the least, our silent well wishers who time and again help out to ensure that this fledgling team not only finds it’s feet but surges ahead.  Thank you for your invaluable support that comes from sheer passion for this beautiful sport!

The Coach who leads from the front!
Placid took it upon himself to train this team when no one probably realised it is necessary. He leads from the front , trains with his team and trains them remotely  sometimes as well with a well planned programme. Proper Training counts for a lot and the results are proof of it. Hats off to you Placid, you are the complete  Coach and we are sure  your team will make you and all of us very very proud!!

A cheer for all 120 riders who came today and made it happen with your sheer presence, the parents of our team boys who made today even more special, Joyel Fernandes  himself a commendable cyclist and today behind the lens and the support staff of some of our members!

Good Luck XAXTI RACING May the power be with you always!!!

12 thoughts on “launch of Xaxti racing team”

  1. Excellent launch for our loving racing team, well organised event attended by all, good thing was to invite the parents of racing boys , that was the most humble gesture, sameer & Binny are doing excellent work , keep up & God Bless you 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Best wishes to the team, I m sure you will make us proud with your success, and do not get mentally stress, just give your best, train hard and harder, the more you sweat in peace time the more you improve your win margins, don’t be afraid of sledging by others, even dogs bark when we ride, mentall toughness is to be achieved, do also meditate along with practice, wishing you all the best in years to. Come

  3. Keyshore Kodolikar

    All the very best to the young dynamic riders of the Xaxti Racing team! The sky is the limit and I do hope to see you on the podium at the Nationals and more! Kudos to the Xaxti Riders think tank for taking this initiative!

  4. Congratulations xaxti team for leaping 1 step ahead,identifying talent from Goq,nurturing them and making sure they deliver the output required time and again,kudos to u all

  5. The team “Xaxti Riders” is doing an excellent work in promoting cycling in Goa.
    “Xaxti Talent Search “ is grooming young talented Goan boys to take cycling as profession.
    “Xaxti Racing” is an opportunity to
    make an impact at National and International level.
    All the Best “XR”

  6. Raj Kamal Sinha

    Xaxti riders are a pack of dedicated pri riders who are on a mission to spread cycling in the midst of Goa, which has all the flavours to be enjoyed by cyclists across world. Wishing success in this mission

  7. Mukhtiayarali Shaikh

    Team XAXTI RIDERS is doing extremely good in Grooming Young Cycliist in Goa. Wish all the Best XAXTI Team and to the management of XR.

  8. Prashant Tidke , Pune

    All the very best to Xaxati Team..I am sure the team will make its presence felt at the Amateur racing scenario of the country…👍

  9. Aravandy Balamohan

    All the best.
    Cyclists see considerably more of this beautiful world than any other class of citizens. A good bicycle, well applied, will cure most ills this flesh is heir to” – Dr K.K. Doty

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