Go girls go -2021

Go Girls Go 100/50 2021

The All Women Ride by Xaxti Riders & the Verna Industries Association!

An amazing scene at the Ravindra Bhavan Start Line….. of all cycles ‘wo’ manned. And a woman of stature to flag off this unique ride…Dr.Ira Almeida , Director , Directorate of Health, Govt.of Goa and the lady at the forefront of the war against Covid 19 in Salcete. A perfect lead up by XR Allan Abreu right up to the timely flag off!

A ride exclusively for women and girls supported by the Directorate of Health Services , Govt. Of Goa with an apt program ‘ Women’s Fitness & Empowerment ‘!  An event which also had the Cycling Association of Goa and the Goa Olympic Association on board.

A Sunday morning which turned many a head along the route with 110 women attempting this ride

A warm camaraderie between the women riders  complimented by an equal supportive ‘ Xaxti style’  camaraderie from the male cyclists was the highlight of today’s ride.

The first pit stop at Chicalim hosted by the Vasco Cycling Club was just the start…and what a start it was!! Marigold garlands rejuvenated us and water sprays refreshed , neatly sliced fruit for the health conscious, donuts for the sweet relishers and cheer  unequalled.  Thank you Vasco Cycling Club!!! You made us feel winners at 30kms into the ride!

A smooth ride onwards with luckily weaker headwinds on the airport road and down the Queeny slope. XR Oliver ‘s Water Point  at Betalbatim rocked with some more water sprays, hot samosas and coffee.

A hot day on the coastal route but enough tree cover yet XR Johnny ‘s Water Point was a welcome sight ! The much appreciated water spray!!  XR  Johnny ‘s laden table of samosas ,cake and Bananas with some delicious ham sandwiches made by XR Vishal was the much need pep needed at 75km!.

Special Finish Line moments of pedaling up through the massive Red Bull gateway gave a ‘red carpet’ feeling! A huge welcome to all the happy ladies on saddle ! Fresh sugarcane juice  and chilled Red Bull to celebrate, chilled towels to freshen up and snacks to replenish the calorie loss! The group photo with the massive Red Bull gateway to wind up the event that was!

A huge mobile support by the Xaxti men all along the routes at a different level  with the  Xaxti  Racing boys curbing their regular speeds and providing escort on several stretches along the route.

Sam handing out Enerzal at Cavelossim turn off,  XRs Alwyn with Vanita and Gabriel  covering the 50km route , XR Abhijeet seemed to be everywhere with his hydration packed vehicle, XR Frisco on his Bullet bike cheering us in the final lap , Techman Sarva with young Deepak literally following us….it was a ride to remember. Quiet support from XR Blaise with his sweeper vehicle , the Aster Hospital Ambulance provided by Dr.Sujoy, XR  and VIA President XR Pradip as the Go – to  Emergency Contact  made it complete.

Mohanish Tilve of Anandghan, photographers Terence Moniz and Joyel Fernandes, the men behind the lens who file every Xaxti event in a special way! Thank you !

Ravindra Bhavan,  Margao ….our gracious venue partner from  our very first event! Giving a very special  energy at the Start Line and a huge welcome at the Finish Line ! Thank you for hosting our events at no charge!

The coveted medal around the neck is always a feeling of accomplishment for all finishers! For the few women who had to call it off  before the Finish Point, your sheer guts for being there at the Start Line of a Century/ Half Century Ride and the determination to complete it next time is what this is all about !

It is what makes us, Xaxti Riders  encourage more women to get on the saddle and onwards to a fit body, Mind and Soul!!       🚴🏽♀️🚴🏾♂️      Viva XaxtiViva Cycling

15 thoughts on “Go girls go -2021”

  1. Anuradha Guglani

    This was an epic ride. To see so many women on the road riding so strong and braving the heat and all of them with smiling faces , was such a treat .
    Loking forward to another ride exclusively for women , maybe a hill climb this time!
    And men being so supportive and helpful feels so heart warming.

    1. Appreciate your kind words. Hill Climb , why not! Chandreshwar Parvat Climb every Friday is a part of our daily weekly routine!!! Can always make it an event!!

  2. Keep it on year after year Xaxti Riders group. Unique initiative in cycling field by Xaxti Riders group Prez Sameer Nadkarni & first lady Binota. Xaxti Riders group brings magical moments in every cyclist by their efforts, congratulations to each and every one.

  3. Jinnie Pednekar Rodrigues

    Very well organized ride for women by Xaxti riders. The route was beautiful and the support all along the way and at the water points made the ride enjoyable!
    I feel elated achieving my maiden 100km.
    Cheers to xaxti riders

  4. From 2020 to 2021 what a huge difference in turnout, there was so much enthusiasm. The XR brand of cooperative competition is showing results with so many couch potatoes being motivated to ride and ride regularly. Looking forward to the GGG event becoming one where women riders from not only all parts of Goa but also India ride this beautiful route.

  5. Kathleen Fernandes

    This was my first GGG event/ ride with XR, and definitely not the last. Every single detail was so well taken care of. From the communication before the event, to every moment till the end of the event, I had the support and guidance of amazing xaxti riders. It was so great to feel such camaraderie and good energy. Special thanks to Dr. Belinda, Sameer, Oliver and all the awesome people at XR who made it such a memorable event.

  6. It was first 50 of my daughter, she is 14, did 22 km practice on Saturday and straight 50km on Sunday, thank you xaxtiriders for organising a well planned event which motivated a new rider to participate, every point and turn wad well manned, and utmost care taken of all riders, thanks sameer ji for leading best execution of idea whose time has come, looking forward to xaxtti 100

  7. Stanley Rodrigues

    Go Girls Go 2nd edition was everything one hoped for. Meticulously curated and well supported 100km ride exclusively for women is a feather in the cap of Xaxti Riders.
    This event can only grow bigger in the coming years inspiring many women riders to the saddle.
    Last years participants who achieved their maiden 100 went on to conquer their maiden 200 and first BRM appearance proving what a great stepping stone GGG is.

  8. One of the most awaited event. Xaxti events are always exciting and very well organised. Really appreciate the efforts the team puts in. Never miss a Xaxti event 😁

  9. Binny, you’re an absolute gem for mentioning the VCC in your blog. I think maybe we had more fun doing this than all the ladies that went thru our checkpoint. Helping out at these events is truly joyful, especially when we are rewarded with all the smiles we get.

    So I’m really pleased that Sameer asked us to do this, and I’m pleased that everybody felt that we added to the total enjoyment of this fantastic event.

    Thank you again

    Umaji Chowgule.
    Sweaty fat guy who garlanded most the ladies that came by. This was fun

    1. You guys really came forth with hospitality and cheer of a unique kind! Will remain a highlight of this event always! Cheers

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