GO GIRLS GO 100, a ride and event of many many firsts! Conceptualized for the first time as a ride for the women of Goa s pecially to make them aware of their capabilities, a ride to show off the power of sisterhood and an event with all 28 registered women standing proudly at the Start Point for flag off at 5.30am !

Oliver and Czarina Coutinho offered the environs of their beautiful Goan home as the start and finish points of this unique event. A warm and gracious hospitality right from offering to home the participant's cycles last night to the very refreshing lime juice served to all the riders at the finish!

If a strong sense of determined sisterhood prevailed through out there was also the unstinted support of the Xaxti gentlemen who encouraged ,  praised all our efforts and ensured that every rider felt motivated to reach her goal. While Water Points and Control Points went up notches higher with the warm welcome of the men manning them,  it was them again at so many junctions and turns to ensure we stayed on route. From gloriously refreshing mist on the face to chilled wet towels and words of constant cheer they made it much easier! 

Techman Sarva trailing the riders all the time and some of us at the fag end even alerted oncoming traffic to allow us the right of way.

We got our celebrity moments with Sankalp, Jonah , Mohnish zooming in and out with their cameras and even a drone !

It was a warm welcome at Chicalim with Vijaybab Chowgule and members of Vasco Cycling Club waiting with hot coffee and cookies. A great booster indeed to take on the headwinds which were waiting for us on airport road!

A novel way to celebrate!!! XR Neeta celebrated her birthday by completing her maiden 50!

A beautiful couple Savia and Anoop commemorated their 40th Anniversary the next day with a 100 km ride by Savia ably supported by her husband and saddle mate Anoop!

A ride to cherish with a route specially curated for the new riders and regulars!

Belinda Viegas!! The inspiration of every rider male and female! Today Belinda made every woman realise her goal.She led from the front and rear to ensure every woman reached her goal.  It was yet another first for Goa's super cyclist who rode in with the last few riders in a role which inspired a few of us beyond cycling!

Fulfilling till the last and still going on with Sunday evening full of the morning moments! The feel of pedals still lingering, the heady feeling of that mileage not only below your belt but that of your co cyclists and a salute straight from the heart for our Support team who did it from theirs!     Cheers to all of us! We did it!!!!