Kiran Kumbar evresting

2 thoughts on “Kiran Kumbar evresting”

  1. It Is indeed a moment of pride to be a part of XR’s , looking at the way Kiran was doing the climb targeting the everesting was a thrilling experience.

  2. This Everesting challenge is mind blowing, it is only for those who are really brave, and strong in mind and body, and this is where Kiran steps in . Also, having a strong mind and body is not the only factor for this extraordinary feat, without moral support and backing , and this is where the Xaxti team, his family members and friends come in. The likes of Sarva and Sameer and the gang of supporters present there braving the chill nights and the scorching heat in the day, which was a big booster for our dynamic, and super achiever You did it Kiran, you did it!!!!! and made every Goan and Xaxti family proud.

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