xaxti-200 (2021)

Xaxti-200 (2021)

The COLOSSUS of the Cycling Events
XAXTI 200 - 2021 was back to test !!!

And test it did!!! The 4th edition of Xaxti 200 had a route that was engineered to test the endurance of the body and strength of the mind of every rider as he or she pedaled through the most rugged landscape of South Goa.

A whopping registration of 177 Riders and 151 Finishers inclusive of volunteer Xaxti Riders who completed the Volunteer Ride two weeks ago. Very gratifying as well to see 13 women in the line up raring to go! From 75 riders in 2018 to doubling numbers in four years is one way to describe the growing popularity of this event and cycling as a sport in Goa.

Tinkesh Kaushik , inspires one and all with his grit and determination and was the apt Chief Guest to flag off a ride calling for similar qualities in the participant rider.

Tinkesh in presence of Xaxti Riders President Sameer Nadkarni, VIA President Pradip DCosta flagged off 143 Riders at 6.00am sharp from the entrance driveway of Ravindra Bhavan Margao.
The strong man of Industries and President of Goa State Industries Association Mr.Damodar Kochkar graced the flag-off with his presence.

As the Riders took off, the villages of Curtorim, Macasana , Tilamol, Ambaulim , Balli probably saw a blur of cyclists which might have slowed down a little in the rolling terrain of beautiful Morpirla.Β 

2nd Control Point at Quitol 55 kms into the route was the first breather with breakfast. A hearty club sandwich with hot tea/ coffee and it was full blast ahead!

One of the most dreaded climbs specially for new riders , Khola was definitely a work out and Water Point Khola the much needed cool down point with chilled coke, limca,  bananas and the Indian energy bar ' Chikki '!

It was truly a scenic visual treat for the riders as they cycled through Agonda, Canancona and a beautiful 12 kms through the Cotigao Wild Life Sanctuary.

The next and a very buzzing watering hole serving refreshing Aam Panna and chilled oranges was XR Oliver's Water Point II at Gaondongrim. A Water Point that has a tradition of prepping up the riders for the climb that follows.

Ambeghat is a relatively easier climb specially after Khola but a cool water spray at Bamanbudo Waterfall enroute the climb is always a pleasurable experience. Volunteers on motorbikes pepped the braves on saddle along the uphill ride and Water Point III provided the much needed respite and a  reassurance of an easier 11 kms ahead to the 3rd Control Point at Vichundrem.

119 kms into the route the Control Point III at Vichundrem was also the lunch point. XR Johnny believes in taking it a notch higher by bringing in home comforts of a sit down meal making it a real midway break. Comfort foods of rice and dal with a goan chicken xacuti and crisply fried potato bhajjis...creamy kheer and fruits. Tubs of ice chilling coke, juice, enerzal to hydrate from within and deliciously cold towels to cool the skin before ' The Loop! The Loop was 20 km of a climb and some rolling!

The Curpem Loop was not so enticing after a good lunch but not a deterrent at all for our tough guys and girls who did and dusted it before stopping for tea and cake at XR Johnny' s Tea Point.

A rolling yet scenic stretch with almost zero traffic in the late afternoon right up to Uguem where our Xaxti Techman Sarva with young champ Deepak stood like a rocks with a refill of energy YOGA bars and hydration for the fast rider to the last rider. RedBull ensured the much needed instant energy fizz to carry the riders to the next Control Point at Savargal Junction.

6 km of rolling + 25 km of flat flat flat ' was how XR Alwyn Menezes described the last remainder of the route to the riders as they stretched out  tired muscles on mats.  A protein pep up with burgers by FESTA and it was all they needed for the final push to Finish Point!

2850 meters elevation compressed into 200km in a stipulated time of 14 hours 30 mins' .... a rugged route for rugged cyclists who definitely deserved a hero's welcome at the Finish Point!

The well earned and startlingly beautiful cycle miniature as a medal was apt for our Finishers who had bonded with their machines through the rigors of the day. It was truly a proud moment on the 'Finisher 'stage for the riders and organizers alike as every rider received a medal.

Every rider who signs up for this ride is a hero and those who finish it are the super heroes. There is no podium for an endurance ride but  young Avinash who reached hot on pedals of his single speed bike soon after Navin Naik and followed by the Xaxti Riders Everesting Champ Prince gave the waiting volunteers the initial highs at the Finish Line.

Tinkesh Kaushik our Chief Guest  went beyond flagging off Riders to meeting them at Control Points along the route,  inspiring , encouraging and de stressing tired muscles and minds with massages and pep talk which was  also something unique!!

139 Finishers and no major hiccups adds up to a perfect finish for all of us at Xaxti Riders. Full marks to all our volunteers who went beyond designated duties and gave their all!  We share satisfaction with Verna Industries Association our Co partners for the a perfect finish to all our events of 2021. Thank you Xaxti Riders Pradip DCosta President of VIA and Blaise Costabir Past President VIA for your constant support!

Xaxti Riders are immensely grateful to Ravindra Bhavan our venue partners since 2017 and our sponsors who repose their faith in us every time.
Thank You Champs Goa for powering us all of 2021 , Aster Hospital for having our back always with their state of art Ambulance, 3MTR unit for their Ambulance with a paramedic, Daily Crayon our apparel partner from the Start,  Enerzal our hydration partners of 2021 , Cool Ice for the perfect chill, first timers Garmin and Festa for the energizing bars and burgers!!!

Our men with the lens!!! Terence Moniz of Panjim and Joyel Fernandes of Ponda who work as hard as the riders following them and capturing moments through out! Mohanish Tilve of Anandghan who keeps the emotions running long after the event with his video!Thank you gentlemen!

And finally A big Salute to our participants! Your energy and enthusiasm is the spirit which makes it all worthwhile !

Signing off till our next and wishing one and all a very festive season ahead!!! Viva Xaxti 🌈 Viva Cycling πŸš΄πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸš΄πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

19 thoughts on “xaxti-200 (2021)”

  1. Sydenstrica Gautam

    Beautifully described, this Blog brings to life the whole event and vividly describes the joys, the tribulations and the victories of a great ride. Kudos Binny. Viva Xaxti.

  2. Really one of toughest tide ever had. Could be able to complete only with great support of Xaxti volunteers. Very well organised event and great experience. Special thanks to Xaxti team on well managing such a challenging event!

  3. Abhijit Chatterjee

    XAXTI events are always special. This year’s XAXTI 200 was designed to Test the Toughest. However the extremely well planned control points and enthusiastic volunteers must have made it a delight despite all the challenges.

    I couldn’t attend this year’s event…however I am aware how the XAXTI 100 / 200 rides are. And while going thru everyone’s feedback and experiences…I could close my eyes and feel like living the event. Cheers for Xaxti 200 and Viva XAXTI Riders family

  4. It was a pleasure to be part of this colossal event. Well described in this as-it-happened blog. Enjoyed every moment and it will be one of my most cherished memories with Xaxti family.

  5. An amazing and most challenging ride organised by Xaxti Riders. It brings out the best and tests the endurance of the participants. Above all, it’s extremely well organised, thanks to XR team led by Sameer.

  6. Xaxti 200#Testing The Toughest
    A Real Signature Event & Incredible experience….
    This was my second Xaxti 200 event, the first one was last year. It was real tougher than last year though I already had experienced it last year… I am penning down my thoughts & experience here…
    Last year when I took part in this event I was only 2 months old to the cycling & people around me were surprised to know that I was taking this challenge, even I started having doubt about my own participation… but then I had person around me, Flavian Sutari, a legend in endurance cycling under whom I started to train rigorously, must have done almost 50 loops of Chandreshawar…. That training helped me & motivated me to go ahead with the participation last year….
    Thanks to President Sameer Nadkarni , Technical man Saravanan Sara & all the XR riders who kept me motivated for doing this. I managed to complete the ride just 20 minutes before the cut-off time.
    With all that experience I thought I will be able to do it this time without much of difficulty, more so I had a reason of having a lighter bike this time but after doing the event I felt this year it was tougher for me than last year… May be I knew the elevations & the gradient plus scorching heat which was unexpected plus less of preparations.
    Against all these odds I managed to finish this time almost 2.30 hrs before the cut off time, a lot of improvement than the last year…
    Thanks to all the XR, special thanks to Mukhtiayarali Shaikh, Prafull Moratgikar, SAM the Great, & all XR riders, Not forgetting the wonderful support throughout the route by Volunteers, Support staff with motivational shouts (KEEP GOING) as well as providing energy stuff which kept all the riders fresh throughout the ride, That AAM PANNA was very special drink this time, thanks to Binny for this special drink.
    Also, thank full to Pradeep, Blaise Costabir, Samira Redkar, Oliver, Czarina, Taniya, Sachin Lotlikar, Elifa Mascarenhas, Eddy, Allwyn Menezes, Paul De Sa, Ohm Stanley, Clare Costabir, Denise Costabir, Deepak Ashanagar, Aditya Naik, Johnny Bab, Kiev Paes, Steve, Jayesh, Anukul Pai, Sarva the Great & all other XRs.

    A real Signature event, Thanks to President Sameer Nadkarni & his core team for organizing this wonderful event.. standards of events are raised every year & we can expect something more in years to come
    Proud to be part of the XAXTI family…
    Viva Xaxti Riders

  7. A Signature Xaxti 200 Event , and what an awesome ride it was, in fact last year I struggled to make it to the finish point, but this year was real fun and adventure, actually was looking out for more elevations , thanks to Shameer our President for motivating and transforming us. Also a big thank you goes out to all the Xaxti volunteers who tirelessly braved the scorching heat and pampered us. Special thanks to Mr Monish for his fantastic capture of this full event, looking forward for the next 200km. Bring on the elevation. VIVA XAXTI

  8. Amey Kamat Mhamai

    Milestones are memorable and the Xaxti 200 being my first double century will be an unforgettable experience. Being able to ride so much elevation at a go was unimaginable for me but completing this ride in good time gave me a sense of achievement on my fitness journey through cycling over the past 1 year. Kudos to the Xaxti team for their passionate committment to the event and making us riders feel comfortable on this mammoth task.

  9. Ruben S. Fernandes

    28th November 2021 Xaxti – 200, what a splendours event. Thank you Sameer Bab and Team Xaxti Riders for pampering us with love and warmth throughout the ride.

    Was a late starter to start off, thanks to my Wife to get me going…. πŸš΄πŸΎβ€β™‚
    Samira, Kiev was pleased to see you’ll at Morpila. Delicious sandwich served at Quittol, lots of goodies served at different control Points… Stanley thanks for making me feel special…
    Delicious Festa Chicken Burger kept us going on the last 30km run.
    Thanks to Russell, Timothy, Virginia, Nigel, Nixon and Allwyn for motivating me through a cramps filled ride… I thought of giving up but a good Massage and good advice by Adril kept me going…
    A lesson learnt… Never give up… If you are able to manage your troubles and find motivation, you can overcome all troubles and obstacles in life….
    Viva Xaxti…. Thank you all.
    Simply amazing…

  10. I shall never forget the amazing experience of this XR 200. For soneone living in Mumbai, the maximum climb one is used to is the gentle hump of walkeshwar leading to the Hanging gardens. From that scenario do get into the super steep slopes that were encountered was a real challenge. What struck me most was the granularity in the organizers efforts to ensure a safe ride. Each bend was clearly marked out. Without this marking i am sure i would have got lost.πŸ˜‰ After the 150 km i started cramping but once again the volunteers were so forthcoming to offer assistance, that i was confident that i would be safe. Kudos to Sameer and the whole team who made this wonderful event possible. All i can say is that I’m hooked for the next time.

  11. The xaxti200 ( rather 215km ) “testing the toughest” endurance ride last Sunday was outstanding !!
    It’s comes with pain and pleasure, I must say.
    Pain being it tests your mind and body at various points of the ride. And Pleasure being you get to see the hidden beautiful lush green Goa.
    I have never been to some of these spots or seen them before and they were green as ever and untouched.
    Finished this one heck of a ride with brutal elevations of almost 2800 in 11hrs 35mins.
    To narrate how I felt, It was mentally tough, physically challenging, extremely enduring and exhausting at times, almost makes you give up but then again, you don’t want to give in, cus its what you signed up for, right?? πŸ˜‚
    I had to stretch at the last control point to loosen up a bit which helped..
    This definitely would not be possible with a single speed cycle by me (though a young gent did it at 3rd place on single speed! WOWlorπŸ‘), so had to borrow a geared cycle, learn the gear shifting in a week’s time and practice elevations.
    Like to thank my good friend Allwyn Menezes who constantly mentored me and got me to speed on various techniques on geared cycle and Saravanan Sara for his guidance on which techniques to apply and how to apply, at what elevations,.. all on short notice.
    And last a big thank you to XAXTI RIDERS leadership seniors and volunteers that put up this superb well planned event! Hats off! Precise markings so that we don’t wander off!!
    I have to confess, I thought running was tough and cycling was easy , however I am wrong. Cycling is also far tougher and requires consistent practice for such elevations.
    As the Spartans would say “the one who sweats more in practice, bleeds less in war”.
    Enjoyed it!

  12. Stanley Rodrigues

    Goa’s premier and toughest 200km endurance challenge lived up to the hype this year too. Extremely well curated event that tests the very best but with strategically placed hydration/nutrition points encourages amateurs of varying degrees of expertise to also challenge themselves successfully. At the end of it one gets a sense of accomplishment and memories for a lifetime.

  13. I came in shared fourth position after 8 and a half hours of moving time. It was a beautiful route though the sun was making life difficult. Up to the Netravali was most enjoyable. After that the heat became too much.
    Hats off to all the volunteers for a really well organised event.

  14. Mohit Kumar Singh

    I’m trying to get a chance to participate in xaxti riders event from last 3 events.
    My wait was worth it πŸ‘Œ
    It’s tough ride for sure , but the way xaxti riders team maintains everything just amazing πŸ‘
    I’ve already participate many events, this one is best till the date.
    Hope i get more chances to participate events with xaxti riders.

  15. Belinda Viegas Mueller

    I was once again privileged to take part in the fabulous Xaxti 200,which is rapidly developing an awesome reputation of ‘testing the toughest’ in an unbeatable atmosphere of support and camaraderie.
    Like every Xaxti ride, it was meticulously planned and executed. We were showered with food for body, heart and soul by the entire Xaxti family.
    I am so, so grateful to all the wonderful people who made the experience so enjoyable.
    I will cherish unforgettable memories while looking forward to the next event.
    Thank you so much.

  16. “Hard things are put in our way, not to stop us, but to call out our courage and strength.” ..This is what I believe after successfully completing my first Xaxti 200. I always wanted to try this event and every year to by bad luck I missed it for last 2 years ..I can say with confidence that this signature Event of Xaxti 200 was very well planned and executed by Xaxti Riders Club for the maximum of 2800plus elevation ..Even though it was tough route for the Riders the event looked to be quite easy with all the Pampering the Riders got from the team of Xaxti Riders Volunteers during the event….Everything was well taken care ..Hydration Points were selected in strategic Places all along the route, The breakfast served was delicious The snack points too were awesome πŸ‘Œ, The lunch and Evening Tea too was lovely….I would surely recommend this Event for all the Bravehearts who wish to test their toughness ..It is a must do event for all Cycling crazy Riders who would like to explore their talents and strength.. .Three Cheers to Xaxti Riders ..Eagerly waiting for the next year event which I feel is still going to be tougher….Viva XAXTI RIDERS..

  17. Hello Riders,
    My thoughts on the XR200. Always wished to do this. Last year i was a month old in cycling having just started to ride. But this year i prepared for this. Knew the elevation and knew it would be tough but not difficult having done my previous Expedition’s to Antarctica and Arctic and also the Himalayas as a part of my research work. But this was truly one of a kind, challenging and testing us thoughout since i have been just a ride6who does leisure ride and not training like the other Riders in the event did.Communting to office by bike really helped me to prepare for this. More then 50 percent of the ride was just the climbs. My thanks to Keith for motivating us and being with us all throughout. Thanks to all the Xaxti volunteers who made it very comfortable for us. Thanks to all those who have been organizing this wonderful and challenging event. Keep doing this. we will come back next year.

  18. “Test The Toughest” and all those you attempted the ride had won half the battle in their minds already and they managed the second half with aplomb. Being part of the volunteers, one could see the grit and determination on each riders face as they smiled, refreshed themselves and rode on.
    The blog, Binny captured the whole event and one can picture the route through your words, they paint a 1000 pictures. I enjoyed reading it as I was party to the ride for only a certain part, so it was great to be part of the whole ride.
    The organisation was superb and the standard of each signature ride just keeps going up and the bar is raised, the flag off could not have been better with a role model in facing adversity and smiling at the same time, Tinkesh was a huge booster that each of the tough riders would love to emulate in their own lives.
    My own feeling is sooner than later once COVID blows over we will be having riders form not only all over India but all over the world coming and taking part in this annual event which has cemented its place as a great riding event not to be missed.
    Take a bow Xaxti Riders and President Sameer for an impeccably organised event. Thanks Binny for capturing the same so beautifully.

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